morro bay getaway

Morro Bay Morro Rock from the Elfin Forest

Natal bottlebrush (Greyia sutherlandii)

Twisted oak trunks in the Elfin Forest #elfinforest #morrobay #lososos

Azure Bush Germander (Teucrium frutican azureum)






Just spent a couple of days exploring the back roads of the Central Coast with the Guy + dog. So much green. Wildflowers out early. Horses and bunnies and turkey vultures. We had a beer at Parkfield on the San Andreas Fault. We drove over the Santa Lucia Range from inland to Big Sur, and descended into an ocean of cloud. We visited the Leaning Pine Arboretum and discovered new plants. We earmarked lots of places for future exploration and adventures. I love the way every experience begets more; there is no end to the wonder of this world.



Travelling is fun. So is coming home.


last cuddle

Last cuddle with #coreychannon. Thanks @tuisted for the lovely shot.

Goodbye Corey. You are so very very loved.


#sisters @gromitmagick @tuisted


My girls live far apart, and I live even further from them both. I’d only seen them together twice in … a decade maybe? The original plan was that Rhea and I would visit the new baby separately, but Tui made it clear that she wanted “three of us” time, and I’m so glad she did.

My girls, they’re amazing :-)

made it


I made it. My suitcase, sadly, did not. But they tracked it down, and we were reunited later in the day. All is well.



Half the things in my suitcase are for the babies. That means I’ll have room to bring back a lot of Tim Tams. My flight has been delayed by an hour, so there’s no rush to leave.



We gather here in a beachside town on Australia’s west coast to console each other, to remember our brother/son/uncle, and to honour him. An oft-repeated refrain is how glad we are for that joyful weekend this past January when we celebrated Charlie’s 80th. It’s so important that a family gather in good times, not just sad.

Don’t let it be at a funeral that you next hug your siblings and tell them you love them. Do it soon.

heading downunder


Bags are packed. Ready for a long and lonely 15,000 km flight, to be with family in this sad time.

this one could be a winner

Handmade guy gift FTW. Travel power cord/charger rollup made from a suit pant leg.

Tutorial here.

If you’re a handcrafter, you know how hard it is to make gifts for guys. Knitted beanie, sure. Pyjama pants, OK. A bathrobe? Maybe. And then what?

I haven’t received any actual male feedback on this one yet, but I’m thinking it could be a hit. At least, with guys who travel, and like electronics. Which, admittedly, is probably a subset of the guys you know.

But hey, it’s something! And I got the (Italian wool) pants from the thrift store dollar rack, so it’s already a win as far as I am concerned.

I just hope my bros like ’em.


Tropical dome

Tropical Dome, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mt Coot-tha Queensland Australia

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