not even the king

Some people so poor all that they got is money.

Love love love.

it’s always more fun when there’s a photo booth


We had our annual end-of-summer party at work today, complete with bands {Haim and Poolside}, beer, barbecue, and a photo booth. Elke and I got to goof off for a few hours.

It was fun.

dance like nobody’s watching

Background: Kasey Chambers singing "Am I Not Pretty Enough". Foreground: little girl dancing super-awkwardly (think Elaine on Sienfeld). Life imitates art.

Santa Monica Pier.

Kasey Chambers on stage, singing Not Pretty Enough.

In front of me, a little girl with no sense of rhythm, dancing awkwardly in her blue hoodie, having a blast. She has not yet gained Kasey’s self-consciousness and pain; she’s comfortable in her body, happy to jerk her arms and legs about in front of a crowd.

I whisper in my heart, “May it last, little girl. May it last.”

you ought to love someone

It’s 6 minutes. It’s worth 6 minutes of your time, if it makes you smile.

tim minchin



Just home from possibly the most entertaining two hours I have ever enjoyed. It was WELL worth driving to Santa Barbara and back.

Tim Minchin, you rock. Big time.


I really don’t care for music concerts. Because, basically, I really don’t care for loud music. And I am no fan of large venues. Seeing a performer I like in a small venue can be really enjoyable, but the stadium experience is just not for me. J learned this very early in our relationship. He LOVES attending concerts; along with sporting events, they are his favourite form of entertainment. It was a major area where we did not mesh.

Before he got the Atlanta gig (btw: four weeks down, two to go) he bought tickets for himself and L to see Lady Antebellum and Darius Rucker. Last night was the big night, and it fell to me to take her. (I tried bribing The Boy to do it, but he could not be persuaded.)

Do I like country music? I do not. Did I bitch and moan to my friends about having to battle rush hour traffic to get downtown on a school night for hours and hours of loud music that I don’t know, in a genre I do not appreciate? I did. I admit it.

But I went, and tried really hard not to be a wet blanket about it. Our seats were great. L had a blast, and thanked me profusely for taking her. I had to admit that this was basically pop, not ‘COUNTRY’ country, and not that different to a lot of the contemporary folk music on my Pandora station. I mean, it could have been heavy metal or hip hop (in other words, way worse).

So yes, I survived. Ear plugs helped. But I still don’t really like concerts.

march 18



I enjoyed some live music today, at a beautiful venue in Topanga Canyon. John C. Reilly and Friends entertained us with country and traditional folk songs. I am not a country music fan, so after the fifth song with “lonesome” in the title, I was hoping they might rock out for a bit. But … they didn’t. Despite being a less-than-favourite music style, it was fun to be part of a Topanga audience, there to raise funds for the Theatricum Botanicum. I’m really liking my new community.



I had planned a Meringue Reveal today, but I didn’t finish the hem till after dark, so tomorrow, perhaps.

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