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My dear friend Lola loves the smell of lavender, so I made her a set of sachets for her birthday. (Quite a few ladies got these for Christmas, too.) Simple and sweet, with a loop long enough for a clothes hanger if so desired.



And then Miss Cali Hashi turned two, prompting a trio of jersey dresses and a little Aster Cardigan to go with them all.



When I heard she was having an alien/space birthday party, I whipped up a tshirt for her brother Felix to wear at the celebration. But why should he be the only one in alien garb? Cali obviously needed yet another dress, to match the birthday theme.


Then there was some very utilitarian sewing: blackout curtains and a ‘cozy’ for the electric saw. Projects like this aren’t exactly thrilling, but still provide their own satisfaction.

Coming up in March: Sew The Perfect Fit with Lynda Maynard on Craftsy. Wish me luck.

toddler tshirt dresses

#calihepburn 's birthday gifts arrived so I can finally post pics. Upcycled toddler dress #1
Upcycled toddler dress #2 for #calihepburn

Upcycled toddler dress #3 for #calihepburn

Little Miss Cali Hashi recently turned one, and her gift finally arrived downunder (really, Australia Post? Three and a half weeks to deliver a small package?). So at last I can post pics of the upcycled dresses I made from cast-off tshirts.

I started with this tutorial, and just used what I had on hand to craft some cute-but-not-too-cutesy outfits for our little rock chick.


Mama and baby approve! Yeah!

car caddies and (too) tiny pants

More handmade Christmas roundup.


Above photo by Nettie.

For toddler nephews, a pair of car caddies. Apparently they were a big hit, which of course gladdens this crafter aunty’s heart. I should have included a matchbox car with each, but thankfully they can supply their own :-)


For Corey-pie, stretchy pants. But I was delusional about babies’ growth in the first four months of life, so these are gonna be no use to him. Cute, but tiny! Ahem, time to make some bigger ones! Sorry, Corey!

toddler fedoras


Felix has loved this hat since Tui first gave it to him. He’s been wearing it daily for about a year — even to bed, sometimes — and its looking the worse for wear.

Baby fedora

So I decided to make him a new one for Christmas.

Baby fedora

And, while I was at it, I made one for Cali too.

For both, I used this pattern. The fabric came from thrifted suit pants (finest Italian wool, $1 each!) The lining is cotton voile from my stash.

The project was a bit challenging, and my top stitching is far from perfect. But the babies won’t notice that, I’m sure.

I hope Rhea will send me photos later, but for now I have some Christmas morning FaceTime screen grabs.

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 1.31.14 PM

Felix thought the hat was fine, but that the bubble wrap was AWESOME!

Screen Shot 2013-12-24 at 1.31.59 PM

Cali kept hers on for approximately 2 seconds before pulling it off.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

last cuddle

Last cuddle with #coreychannon. Thanks @tuisted for the lovely shot.

Goodbye Corey. You are so very very loved.

felix and cali

Rhea didn’t bring her babies when she visited Tui, so I snuck away for a couple of nights to play with them.


Is this the coolest 2-yr-old in the world, or what?


And um, yeah … can you say gorgeous?


#sisters @gromitmagick @tuisted


My girls live far apart, and I live even further from them both. I’d only seen them together twice in … a decade maybe? The original plan was that Rhea and I would visit the new baby separately, but Tui made it clear that she wanted “three of us” time, and I’m so glad she did.

My girls, they’re amazing :-)

all the love in the world


My friend Louise commented on yesterday’s post: “One of the reasons for all the love in the world is the deep affection and connection we feel with those new beings born of our relationships.” I couldn’t have said it better.



Sweet little man, so chill. Born five weeks early, now three weeks old. He’s doing great, as is his mummy.



Makin' baby stuff

A four day weekend feels like about the right amount of time: for socializing, helping friends, creative pursuits, a little housework, time alone, maybe a hike, some food shopping and cooking … you know, all those weekend things. I’m nearly half way through this one, and I’m SO happy to have spent most of yesterday sewing things for my grand-babies, born and unborn.

And just so happy to live this life I have; inhabiting a beautiful part of the world, feeling loved by special people near and far, having the freedom and resources to make and do and be present in this one wild and precious life.

What are you up to? What’s rocking your world right now? What’s precious, in your life?

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