dan blocker to the pier



About to be swamped


My girlfriend A and I took a little break from beach hiking while she went and got married. We were back at it this past weekend, hiking from Dan Blocker Beach to Malibu Pier. The tide was rising, which was not ideal. But we didn’t want to wait another week so we went anyway. It meant a lot of rock scrambling, and some unsuccessful wave dodging.

Some folk who live beachside on the Malibu coast strongly discourage ‘trespassers’. But it’s our legal right to traverse the beach/rocks up to the high tide line, and even higher if it is unsafe closer to the water. Which it kinda was, in a few places.

We happened upon a baby sealion up on the rocks, who we hope was OK. No mama in sight, but it didn’t look injured, as far as we could tell. We clambered on, getting wet up to our crotches. How we laughed.

walkabout malibu to mexico

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Untitled Untitled Inspired by this book, my girlfriend and I spent a second day walking the coast, over rocks and tidepools, under soaring bluffs, along empty sandy stretches between point and pier, past stinky seals lounging in the warm winter sun. Counting our blessings with every sandpiper, every anemone.

lunch break




Children in neon swimsuits, squealing. A plane and a kite, both soaring. Cartwheels. I kick off my sandals and sink into the warm sand.

A brother and sister are carting small pails of water to dump into the hole they dug. Running down to the waves, trotting back with their watery loads, over and over. Why didn’t they dig the hole closer to the shore, I wonder? But they are not concerned with efficiency, just with the joy and freedom of being out of school, of being able to run in the sun, back and forth.

She is panting. He asks, do you want more? Yes, she says. Much more. And after that, let’s go play.

my sister


Sister and I spent a day in Sydney, wandering here and there, stopping to eat and enjoy the view. Just the two of us. It was perfect :-)

i swam

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Soft sand. Tepid ocean. Of all the world’s beaches, this is the one I know best. It was so so SO good to inhale its salty goodness again.



I’m feeling a bit agitated about all the things going on between now and Sunday, when I fly to Australia. So stopping to photograph wheeling pelicans against the sunset became much more important than rushing home to get started on the list.

It’s chilly tonight. I just closed my treehouse windows for the first time since, oh, March.

P.S. It rained.

30% chance


It never rains in Southern California. But maybe, just maybe, it will tomorrow.

new swimsuit, unused


When I get back from Australia, summer will be well and truly over. I can’t believe I haven’t swum once this year. Must rectify that.

wife and wife

#wedding on the #beach @lolalynneandlucy

Thank you, SCOTUS, for finally allowing my dear friends to become legally wedded wife and wife.

and we will all become sand


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