christmas without you


I miss my family at Christmas. The excitement of littlies, the chaos, the food, the crackers, the tree. Yesterday we opened gifts via FaceTime, and later videos were posted (so I could see how much glee the bubble wrap brought), and that was all lovely. Thank goodness for the technology that allows these connections.

Today good food and wine were shared with dear people, and pleasantness abounded, but …. I miss my family. Especially at Christmas. Love you guys so so much. Big hard hugs to you all.



Travelling is fun. So is coming home.



Tunnels under the Georges Head battery #military #history #sydney #australia

My last half-day in Sydney was spent with the favourite-family-that-is-not-my-own. As a teenager, I babysat my neighbour Pip in Weetangera. Decades later she moved to Pasadena and we became adult friends. She now has three kids who, for some reason, regard me as a fairy godmother who bestows them with unique handmade gifts.

Snakes and Ladders

Blue thing


Car caddy


As always when I spend a night with Pip’s family, I felt very hugged.
It was a wonderful ending to a full-on two weeks.

my sister


Sister and I spent a day in Sydney, wandering here and there, stopping to eat and enjoy the view. Just the two of us. It was perfect :-)

last cuddle

Last cuddle with #coreychannon. Thanks @tuisted for the lovely shot.

Goodbye Corey. You are so very very loved.

i swam

#beach #mainbeach #goldcoast

Soft sand. Tepid ocean. Of all the world’s beaches, this is the one I know best. It was so so SO good to inhale its salty goodness again.


#sisters @gromitmagick @tuisted


My girls live far apart, and I live even further from them both. I’d only seen them together twice in … a decade maybe? The original plan was that Rhea and I would visit the new baby separately, but Tui made it clear that she wanted “three of us” time, and I’m so glad she did.

My girls, they’re amazing :-)



Sweet little man, so chill. Born five weeks early, now three weeks old. He’s doing great, as is his mummy.

made it


I made it. My suitcase, sadly, did not. But they tracked it down, and we were reunited later in the day. All is well.



Half the things in my suitcase are for the babies. That means I’ll have room to bring back a lot of Tim Tams. My flight has been delayed by an hour, so there’s no rush to leave.

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