some recent makes

Time for a catchup on some things I’ve been making in my little beehive. First up: boy stuff! I am lucky to have four boys aged five and under in my family; sewing for them is a joy.


Construction vests. I was channelling Emmet from the Lego movie in my choice of colours. The helmet is not a toy; it’s actually SEI certified! I now have a lot of neon orange utility fabric left over. Any ideas what to make with it?


A layered-look pirate shirt. Inspiration found here.


Batman caps and masks for a birthday party. Sixteen each, in sizes from baby to adult.


Another paper cut portrait; this one’s my grandson Corey. Made as a birthday gift for his mum, my eldest daughter.


For The Guy’s birthday, I made him a toiletries bag from fabric that I waxed myself. Oh man, making that cloth is a story unto itself. WAAY more work (and expense) than buying some waxed canvas on Etsy. But I’m kind of stubborn like that.


And for myself, a tailor’s ham, stuffed with sawdust. If you’re going to make one of these, wear a mask while stuffing it. Ask me how I know.

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