wife and wife

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Thank you, SCOTUS, for finally allowing my dear friends to become legally wedded wife and wife.

if you never go, you’ll never know

Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments

Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments

Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments

My guy hates being stuck in traffic, and at the first sign of backup, he’ll detour and take side streets. It doesn’t matter if it ends up taking just as long to get to our destination, he wants to keep moving. “Urban bushwhacking,” he calls it.

This proclivity of his led us to discover something fun and amazing on our way to the theatre tonight: one of the last storybook homes in Los Angeles, known as the Hobbit House.

Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments

The Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments hide themselves well. This cultural monument is tucked in a short Culver City block capped by Sony Studios at one end and Venice Boulevard at the other. Apparently Joseph was an expert sailor and carpenter, and the apartment interiors look like the inside of a yacht. I would love to see that! You can read more about them here.

Lawrence and Martha Joseph Residence and Apartments

As K always says, “If you never go, you’ll never know.” What have you discovered while venturing on the road less traveled?

newyorker blackouts

The girl unravels

Peopled by poets

I want art

Twice a month

Enter singing

I discovered that the New Yorker is fabulous fodder for newspaper blackouts (or, should I say, newyorker blackouts). I made a bunch today; these are some of my favourites.

wonky is totally good enough

Sun&Sea messenger bag

I made this bag last November, and it’s been sitting in my gifts box ever since, waiting for the right birthday to come along, which it now has. But I wanted to put something in it for the six year old miss.




Inspired by this idea, I whipped up a few books today, ready for stories and pictures. My first plan had been to create the borders all neat-like, in Illustrator, but then I figured that wonky and sketchy was just right for a kid. I also thought of hand stitching a sewn binding, but a quick whizz through the sewing machine was more fun. And, let’s face it, ten times faster. With a packet of washable markers, we’re all set.







Saturday had some difficult moments, as others made their surprising expectations known. Yesterday we climbed a big hill and talked about it all: dreams and plans, us and them, the life we could possibly craft together. In a world of unknowns and uncertainties, one thing is feeling more and more sure: I want to be with him.

you know when you get stuck on a little detail? yeah, that.


On top of cooking for 11, I felt the overwhelming desire to make cloth napkins the night before the birthday lunch. At first I told myself I was crazy, but really, it only took an hour or so while the sweet potatoes were baking. Did anyone notice or care except for me? Probably not. But I was happy.



Makin' baby stuff

A four day weekend feels like about the right amount of time: for socializing, helping friends, creative pursuits, a little housework, time alone, maybe a hike, some food shopping and cooking … you know, all those weekend things. I’m nearly half way through this one, and I’m SO happy to have spent most of yesterday sewing things for my grand-babies, born and unborn.

And just so happy to live this life I have; inhabiting a beautiful part of the world, feeling loved by special people near and far, having the freedom and resources to make and do and be present in this one wild and precious life.

What are you up to? What’s rocking your world right now? What’s precious, in your life?

ok so i’m a bit stubborn

The weather people said, “Heat wave coming. Like, possibly the highest temperatures ever recorded on earth. It’s going to be really hot.”

The Guy said, “Maybe we shouldn’t go camping this weekend. It’s going to be really hot.”

His mother said, “I’m really very worried about you going camping. Not just for your sakes. For Bodie’s too. It’s going to be really hot.”

Middle Lion campground

I said, “But … but … but … I really want to go camping! It’s been two months! If we don’t go this weekend, we won’t be able to go for another month or so!” I didn’t quite stamp my foot, but maybe I did pout a little.

Lion Creek

So we went. And it was, unsurprisingly, really really hot. 108F/42C. Way too hot for a long haired dog, let alone her humans.

Hot hot Bodie

We found a lovely little primitive campground, on the banks of Lion Creek. Unfortunately, 30 cub scouts and their leaders found it too. We could deal with them OK but then a dozen or more teenage party people rocked up … and rocked on, complete with vomitous sound effects till 3 AM.

Reminded me of Jabba the Hutt
Can you see Jabba the Hutt?

I used to be a teenager. I haven’t forgotten. But I’ve always had a huge reluctance to disturb neighbours with loud noises. My muffler would have been especially active in a remote campground where others have come to escape from it all, I would think.

Not so, these yahoos.

And did I mention it was really really hot?

Lion Creek

But yeah, pretty.

I’m not sorry I went. But maybe next time there’s a Heat Emergency Advisory, I’ll postpone.

Or maybe not. Because sometimes I just really need to go camping.

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