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not gonna miss it again


A year ago I wrote here about my beautiful eldest girl, Tui. Today, she carries new life in her belly, a second son to join her firstborn Jai, who is about to turn 15. That’s a long while between babies, but she’s ready for him :-)

I was 38 when Jai was born, and in total denial about becoming a grandmother. I didn’t even meet him till he was three. Looking back, I can’t believe that I chose to miss out on his early years like that.

Of course, I miss out on so much in my children’s lives by living on the other side of the world. But really? I completely skipped my first grandchild? That seems amazing to me now. I was young and poor and scared, but somehow that doesn’t seem like a good excuse any more.

So yeah, I plan to go back in November to spend time with Tui’s family, sharing the fun of a newborn. That’ll be three trips back in less than a year. Wow.

I love this self-portrait she took. I stole it from her Facebook page.

there’s only so much room on her lap


We FaceTimed yesterday. Oh my goodness (squealy voice) these babies are scrummy.

Felix is nearly two. He repeats anything you say. He can now kiss properly (instead of just opening his mouth and slobbering). He demonstrated this by kissing the phone many times while I talked with him. He’s scared of dogs (even little puppies) and he adores his baby sister. And trains. He loves trains.


Cali is nearly four months old. Is that all? It seems longer since I last cuddled her. She sleeps well, smiles big, and sings like the rock chick she is.

I miss them so. How many sleeps till I see them in November??

Illustration by Tony. Photos blatantly stolen from Instagram.

putting down roots

passionfruit arbor

25 new trees!

The Guy and I have been working on a landscaping project for a while, spending some months in research and planning. Today was a red letter day: while a hired labourer was helping dig holes on the hillside, we took delivery of 25 trees. I was really really excited. Trees! Big ones! Ours!

As we’re still waiting on the mesh for gopher and deer protection to arrive, they won’t be going in the ground for a few days. So we squeezed them in the space between the two sheds (“Arthur” and “Jackson”) and hung tarps to deflect the deer for now.

Putting down roots, I am. It feels bloody marvellous.

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