let me introduce you to tui

Tui shooting the treetops

That’s my girl Tui. Lying on her back, shooting the treetops, on a very fabulous day we spent together last year. (Really? was it less than a year ago? wow!)

Tui was dealt a rough hand. Life has sometime (OK, often) been a struggle for her. But throughout the pain/difficulty/suckiness, she has kept a strong flame of self-awareness. All of us could emulate her in this regard.

She also has a special gift with nature.


See that? She was 4. The bird was not injured, or tame. It just decided to sit on her finger for ten minutes, then flew away.

Tui has special superhero powers. She is a spider whisperer. If you are on instagram, you should follow her (@tuisted) so you can witness for yourself.

Tui, my firstborn. Lake on a mountaintop.

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  1. :-) beautiful! I’ve not been in the same state to ever meet Tui, yet. But she is a wonderful, fabulous person who I am honoured to virtually know x x

  2. I love you mum.

  3. Louise

     /  June 12, 2012

    A glorious picture of the 4 year old I remember and the heartfelt words of a mother which I can relate to.

  1. not gonna miss it again | such wild love

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