It’s my birthday. With the unexpected change in living arrangements last week, let’s just say that my weekend plans needed rearranging.


I joined the Sierra Club last year, but have never been on one of their hikes or attended a meeting or in any way received value from my membership. This morning I decided to rectify that, and join a scheduled hike in La Jolla Valley, a place I like a lot. So I was tootling up the coast fairly early, and I stopped at a gas station to buy some water. When I got back to my car, it wouldn’t start.


This turned out to be reasonably problematic, because I didn’t have my wallet with me. I’d only brought my driver’s license and $20. No credit card. No AAA card. Hmm.

A nice guy tried to jump start it, but it still wouldn’t work. It wasn’t the battery. The gas station had a mechanic on duty, but without any means to pay him, he wasn’t interested in my problem.


So I called my landlord friend Ceiri, and asked him to locate my wallet and read me my credit card number. Then I went back to talk to the mechanic again. He had zero desire to work on a Saab, but he sent his apprentice out with a big rubber mallet. As I turned the key, he whacked the fuel tank under the car, and broooom, it started.

This is a trick I have never seen before. He explained that sometimes the fuel pump gets stuck, and hitting the tank unsticks it. He recommended I drive straight home (which I did), and get the fuel pump replaced ASAP (which, on Monday, I will do). I hope the car will start on Monday morning, or I’ll be under it with a mallet myself.


So instead of hiking with the Sierra Club, I visited the farmer’s markets with my landlady friend Tricia, then took a hike in the hills behind my treehouse. Very pretty, both activities.

My plan for tonight was to see Anaïs Mitchell in concert. Knowing L wouldn’t want to come with me now that Daddy was back in town, I put the call out to my girlfriends to see who would be my date. Three different ladies responded, but Romina put her hand up first. However, this morning she texted to say she was very ill and couldn’t go. That’s OK, as I didn’t have reliable wheels anyway.

But then Tricia offered to lend me her car so I could still go. How nice is that? I quickly contacted Friend 2 and Friend 3 to see if they were still available for tonight, but they were not. So I went alone. And it was great.

And when I got home just now, Ceiri and Tricia had left a gift at my door. How nice is that?

It really was a rather lovely birthday after all :-)

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  1. Happy birthday sweet lady. Even though it didn’t turn out the way you thought, it still sounded like a good day!

    Hooray for hikes!

  2. Happy birthday! You had an adventure. Sorry about your car. Remind me not to drive with you anywhere when I come visit. ;)

  3. I will buy you a rubber mallet for your Birthday!


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