back to the treehouse

The drive home was snow-free. I got my money back on the chains. We were cruising along the 5, having a great time, till we stopped for a bathroom break and I read my email.

J was due back on April 12. But suddenly I learned that he was in LA already. His girlfriend was very ill, so he quit his job over the weekend and returned.

But then he followed up this bombshell with the request that I keep the current arrangements in place, that I continue to care for L while he spends the next 10 days caring for the chicky-babe, her place, and her pet bird.


Um …. no.

So as soon as we got home, I packed up my clothes and my teapot. I took his truck to the carwash to get all the bugs off the windscreen, then returned it to the driveway and hugged L tight.

I am sorry our time together ended so suddenly. There are plenty of loose ends I would like to have tied up. But I’m glad that it ended on such a bright note. We’ll never forget our awesome, snowy weekend. And I’m so, so, SO glad to be back in my treehouse.

I can hear a chorus of frogs.

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  1. Good for you! I’m so glad you’re back in the treehouse!

  2. Lola

     /  April 3, 2012

    I really limit my responses because I like the really positive air that you blogs always hold. This time, however, I got brave and thought ‘shit. My bestie, one of the women that I love most in the world, has been hurt in the most braisenly cruel way aGAIN!’ so to this news I publicly say FUCK HIM. He never deserved you since this is who he really is. Beyond disappointed doesn’t even touch this round of blatant cruelty. So I’m graceless. Sue me. When someone acts without dignity at someone whose grace seems boundless, there’s bound to be a reaction.

  3. Golf clap for Lola. :) You are the only MOTHER that L has known and I know that you’ve been a massive positive force in her life. She is lucky to have had you in her life and she’ll be lucky to have you around in whatever capacity you decide to continue with in the future.


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